7 Seater Cab Singapore For More Space While Travelling

7 Seater Cab Singapore For More Space While Travelling

If someone has a large family or often travels as a group, then the person might consider a 7-seater cab. There is a range of 7-seater cabs on the market with no compromise on reliability and comfort. They are becoming popular increasingly, with more manufacturers bringing them as a part of the range to market. The user is to be chartered only to the airport and hotels. Nowadays, with larger families, the usage of 7-seater cabs is branched out. Seven-seater cab service is offered by many countries, for instance, 7 seater cab Singapore.


  • More space- On the surface, this might seem evident as there for additional passenger has more space for storage and too.
  • Towing capabilities- They can tow a caravan and make light work of doing. There are legislations around what car cannot and can tow and the weight limits linked with towing.
  • More economical- 7-seater cab seems like an oxymoron as more economical than having a large vehicle. Still, having a more prominent-sized family or traveling as a large group makes complete sense.

7 seater cab rates

The pricing of a 7-seater cab is affordable and reasonable and costs only per person at $7.80. Meanwhile, it is the average rate while the cost varies for each 7-seater cab services company.


It can be concluded that seven seater cab comes with passenger higher capacity than a conventional car and offers paid transportation services. The cost of 7 seater cab is higher in comparison to conventional taxis.