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Lemonade 10
Lemonade 10

What is it?

Lemonade’s tenth edition aims at developing high impact businesses through an immersive program, molding entrepreneurs filled with purpose and capable of transforming society, just as it has been doing throughout the previous nine editions.

Besides that, we’ve got great news: our partnership with the MedTech Raanana Innovation Center, located in Israel, will grant 5 startups the chance to develop their prototypes in one of the most renowned innovation centers in the world.

This edition focuses in these fields of knowledge:

  • IOT (Internet of Things)
  • Fintech
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Healthcare

Although they might be our focus, this edition is not exclusive to startups on these fields.

If you have an idea and don’t know how to turn it into a successful business, or have a killer desire to venture the world of entrepreneurship, join the program!! You will learn everything you need to know to develop your startup and grow as an entrepreneur.

Come with us!

Vem com a gente!

Why join?

Successful Stories

Lemonade was very important in helping us find out our business model, which turns an academic research into a profitable product

Lorena Viana, CEO at Biomimetic Solutions | Lemonade 07BH

It was an amazing experience! We learned new things everyday while validating our business. Lecturers and mentors brought us important potential clients and partners. Give First all the time, new friendships rising and an amazing team behind all that! Lemonade has a network of people that make the magic happen, which allows us to be more targeted at our goals.

Natália Ribeiro, CEO at MedInTime | Lemonade 07BH

Our team involves people with very deep academic knowledge, however, with no business knowledge. Lemonade was extremely important in providing us with such knowledge, as well as helping and orienting us in our business model development, that ranges from a ‘bench’ to the patient.

Giselle Foureaux, CEO at Visionsert | Lemonade 07BH

Lemonade was the program that made us reorganize all our business. When we started the Program, we only had a few ideas and speculations about how our market worked, and throughout the Program we saw we had a lot to change.

Luis Grilo, CEO at Residuall | Lemonade 01BH

To Kornerz, the Program was amazing! Why? We had access to mentors, lectures, content that helped us develop as entrepreneurs and inserted us in an ecosystem laden with inspired, difference-making driven entrepreneurs.

Khalil Sautchuck Jezini, CEO at Kornerz | Lemonade 01BH

The Program gave us a substantial theoretical basis, through and MVP validation methods and personalized mentorships. All that drove us to a practical, rich and enjoyable living throughout the program.

Juliana Brasil, CEO at My Personal Stylist | Lemonade 05BH

Lemonade was an intensive entrepreneurship school, which gave us knowledge and targeting to accomplish in two months what we had been trying to achieve for a year.

Natan Rebelo, CEO at Gamelyst | Lemonade 02BH

Lemonade is a school that teaches you, in practice, how to structure innovative businesses through the Lean Startup methodology. It was through the Program that we developed Communitor – Smart Communities. With all we lived and learned in Lemonade, we’re capable of developing any business! We’ll always be grateful to the Lemonade team.

Helena Gomes, CEO at Communitor | Lemonade 02BH

Lemonade was essential to structure and validate our initial idea for Mercatório, contributing to our growth and development as a company.

Gabriel Monterani, CEO at Mercatório | Lemonade 05BH

Lemonade was essential to help us make our idea come true and become a real business. We were able to understand our market and test our platform’s acceptance, and also getting to know other entrepreneurs with similar interests, thus strengthening Uberlândia’s ecosystem.

Jeniffer Medeiro, CEO at ampyou | Lemonade 03TM

Being part of Lemonade was essential to our startup. During the Program, we were introduced to new entrepreneurship methods and techniques, learned a lot with extremely capacitated mentors and had the chance to start a company from scratch, develop it and start to make money and grow.

Gustavo Furegato, CEO at Trathus | Lemonade 04TM

Being part of Lemonade was very important for us to discover our business model. The Program’s methodology had us pivoting three times, but we still managed to develop a consistent business model. This proves, to me, that Lemonade shapes entrepreneurs that are aware about their own businesses.

Mateus Ribeiro, CEO at AdWizard | Lemonade 05BH

Lemonade was crucial in the development of our idea and business model, besides being a program that connected us to amazing people in the ecosystem.

Felippe Chaves, CEO at Netwer | Lemonade 05BH

Lemonade brought us a lot of technical and practical knowledge, alongside an amazing experience transforming an idea we had into a real business.

Bruno Martins, CEO at The Best Coffee in Brazil

Our participation in the Program helped us define our strategical goals, develop our idea and showed us that our dream could become true. Having lived Lemonade allowed us to connect with the market, learn valuable lessons from the mentors and make friends for life.

Fábio Nascimento, CEO at Logmax | Lemonade 05BH

Regulation and Registration

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Lemonade 10
Lemonade 10



30th - Meetup - I Have an Idea

Lemonade has gotten to its 10th edition!

If you have an idea and don’t know how to turn it into a business, are interested in entrepreneurship and wishes to know more about the world of startups, this is your opportunity!

The “I have an Idea” meetup is the right time to present your idea and meet Lemonaders that participated in other editions of Lemonade.

In this meetups, you will receive insights to accelerate your ideas validation process and start connections to enter Lemonade 10.

In Lemonade 10, we will focus in 4 fields of knowledge:

* IOT (Internet of Things)
* Fintech
* Information and Communication Technology
* Healthcare

Join us and increase your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur!

Where: Krug Bier – R. Maj. Lopes, 172 – São Pedro, Belo Horizonte

When: Jan 30th 2018, 06:30 pm

Subscribe at:


6th - Meetup – Connections

Lemonade 10 is at full steam!

Now is the meetup season. Meetups are events where we aim to clarify all your doubts about the Program, as well as providing space for entrepreneurs to share their ideas and team formation.

This second meetups idea is to gather programmers, designers and businesspeople to encourage them into forming a team.

Also, some of our mentors will be at this meetups, helping the entrepreneurs sign up for the program.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the people that might help you build a successful business!

Where: TBA

When: Feb 6th 2018

Subscribe at: TBA

20th - Meetup – From a Scratch to Reality

From scratch to reality is the last meetup of this meetup season.

It will be a three-hour long workshop focusing in business modeling, idea validation principles, potential market mapping, creation of corporate-driven presentations and how to make a killer pitch.

Our main mentors will be aiding the participants!

Now is the time! Let’s get our hands dirty in the first steps of your journey in the creation of an innovative venture!

Where: TBA

When: Feb 20th 2018

Subscribe at: TBA


11th - End of registrations

End of entries for lemonade 10.

15th - Selection Process Start

After the subscription period, the best startups will be hand-picked by the team to present their pitch to a board of evaluators. The best of the best will be part of Lemonade’s tenth group of entrepreneurs.


16th - Announce of the tenth group

o The 35 best teams will be announced as Lemonade’s 10th group of entrepreneurs!

19th - Lemonade 10BH Starts

Let’s get down to work!

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